December 1, 2023

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Let’s Talk Wrestling : GCW “R”Spring Break 2021 (Review)



Kicking off the show was a true match of young up and comers. With Charlie recently turning 18 and Starkz being at the young age of 16, both are hot on the indies right now and eager to show what they bring to the table. Both put on a solid bout abit slow at time as they went through transitions but its to be expected with both being newer in ring. They both were able to shine though and show how down the line they’ll be big players in the game.


At the end of the match Eric Ryan and Bobby Beverly of 44OH came out and attacked both Charlie and Starkz, upon them leaving the ring Ironbeast (Shane Mercer & KTB) come out leading to the next match.


Ironbeast (KTB & Shane Mercer) vs. 44OH (Eric Ryan & Bobby Beverly


This was basically a squash match for Iron Beast. They dominated the majority of the match and made light work of 44OH. Seeing KTB and Mercer toss Ryan around at the end into a finisher shows as well just how strong both men are.


Laredo Kid, Dragon Bane and Aramis vs. Gringo Loco, Black Taurus and Arez


Bringing in 6 of the hottest luchadores in the world independent scene for a 3 on 3 tag match was grounds for a fast paced spot fest and that is what we were given. At times it was almost too chaotic for cameras to keep a good eye on as well. All men here showed just how impressive they can go in ring with each other despite being various sizes. Gringo Loco especially continues to prove why he is one of the most under looked luchas on the US circuit.


Lio Rush vs. Jordan Oliver


Sadly the worst match of the night. Being one of the matches with a story build up here expectations were set high for this one and they just fell flat. Running way too long of a match and both competitors taking a slow methodical approach here just didn’t work. Both Rush and Oliver can go in the ring and work at a faster pace with the ability for great spots but the build up here just didn’t seem to click. There was decent story telling here with both men building up their move set throughout the match but too much of it just seemed to drag on.


Atticus Cougar vs. Masada


What a fantastic match this was. For a while now Cougar has been calling out Masada as well as using skewers in his match as well so this was one of the fine instances of the new face of deathmatch vs the old. While maintaining a slower paced deathmatch both men put on a great brutal match against each other and played their story well. The match played very highly off both mens use of skewers here and Cougar showed how he is easily on the path to being in the top tier new generation of deathmatch wrestlers.


Rich Swann vs. Lee Moriarty


This was another match here that should of worked a lot better than it did. Coming off a great deathmatch we got Swann, current Impact Wrestling champ, and Moriarty who is making himself well known doing as much as he can this Wrestlemania week. Moriarty had good story telling here with working on Swanns arm throughout the match but the match just was quick and never seemed to connect with the slower style they were bringing to the table.


Joey Janela vs. Chris Dickinson


Coming in with another story that was building up we had the Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson going after Joey Janela, Dickinson had felt that Janela didn’t take wrestling seriously with his in ring and online doings. Both men here went balls to the wall here dealing great punishment to each other. From Dickinson using a broken door to cut Janelas head up, ladders, chairs flying into the ring, and everything else they could grab it was a brutal back and forth match. Dickinson bled like a stuffed pig here to the point where it was almost alarming as the blood just kept coming. The DVD off the top of the ladder in particular was great and the ending made sense if not just felt out of the blue here.


Effy vs. Gregory Iron (w/ Virgil)


With a night full of serious matches this gave everyone a chance for a light comedic match as a break. Our story here was that if Effy lost Iron would gain the rights to Effys Big Gay Brunch PPV that was happening the following day. Since 44OH took over Spring Break as well they also unbanned Virgil and invited him back as a member of 44OH. With a few low blows, and Iron having his pants pulled down, Virgil stepped in to hit Effy with a barrel of vodka before nailing Iron himself and revealing his “Wrestling Is Gay” shirt and siding with Effy. It was a quick harmless match and helped prove just how over Effy is with a crowd.


Nick Gage vs. Rickey Shane Page


The match came for and for the GCW Championship. After a year and a half build up involving RSP taking the belt from Gage, forming 44OH and running wild across the indies, as well as Gage being injured this was a match that has been in the works for a long time. With the ring ropes covered in light tubes, a scaffold, panes of glass on the outside of the ring, and a makeshift table made of light tubes everyone knew this would be a deathmatch for the ages. From the start of Gage throwing RSP into the tube covered ropes both men made it a mission to go as hard as possible at each other. With Gage being fresh off injury he did take some nasty bumps through the glass on the outside but you could tell he was loving every moment of being back.


As expected all members of 44OH attempted a run in, Gregory Iron was promptly carried off by Effy who came in for the defense while the rest of 44OH was run off after Joey Janela, Mance Warner, and Matt Justice, 3 staples of GCW, came in for the rescue. As Cougar was in ring attempting to skewer Gage GCW owner Brett Lauderdale ran into and hit Cougar with a bundle of light tubes allowing Gage to put his finisher on RSP to reclaim what was his, the GCW title.


As Gage was soaking it all in though music hit and Jon Moxley unexpectedly walked out and to the ring to have an intense face off with Gage before grabbing a bundle of tubes and doing his finisher and putting Gage through them. Following this Gage shot a promo on Mox and said they’d be facing off in the most ultraviolent deathmatch they can.



Overall this was a great show mostly with the only real downside being the fans not entirely being into it as they should of been.

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