September 23, 2021

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Knocked Loose donates almost $10,000 to help survivors of domestic abuse

Knocked Loose had a huge 2019, and it sorta goes without saying. A highly successful sophomore album that pushed the envelope musically, sold-out tours, and even touring with A Day To Remember all were huge milestones in the band’s career to date. What the band did to raise awareness of domestic violence should be even more celebrated, however.

In October, Knocked Loose created a t-shirt to raise awareness of domestic abuse and violence, with all proceeds going to the Center For Women And Families in their home state of Kentucky. The band was finally able to donate said check to the organization, raising a staggering almost $10k just from one t-shirt. Hats off to the band for supporting a great cause – and as the band themselves mentioned – one that often goes overlooked by many.

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