November 28, 2021

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Interview with One Year Later


One Year Later is a rising metalcore band from the Central Pennsylvania area. I had the privilege to interview their guitarist Max Getz about their music and very busy start to the new year!

So tell me about the name of the band… What is the origin behind it?

Well, we wanted a name that would distinguish us but was easy to remember… It’s a bit of a sad story. One of our close friends passed away in a car accident and before the accident we talked about forming a band… The band didn’t really start up until one year later after the accident so we named the band One Year Later as a way to honor him.

As difficult as it is to make it in metalcore in Central PA, what do you think makes you guys stand out in your genre?

We always wanted to get into music so the main thing that separates us from most bands is our work ethic. We put everything that we got into our writing and performing and when you put work into something you care for, it truly shows.

How does it feel to be from a state that has been very affluent with successful artists and bands? I mean, you guys are from the same area as August Burns Red!

Yeah, it makes things a bit difficult when you are from the same town as accomplished bands like August Burns Red, Texas in July and This or the Apocalypse. It’s hard to measure up to some of them, but it’s also beneficial in a sense. That notoriety puts pressure on us, but it also pushes us to do our best with the music we create. Being friends with these bands and having their support is also very reassuring too.

There has been talk on your Facebook page about a new album in the works… How has that been going?

This past summer, we spent a month in a studio in Richmond, VA tracking the record. It’s currently going through mixing right now but we couldn’t be happier with the way it’s turned out so far. We’ve kept the metalcore sound but we want our fans to think outside the box as well. It helps that we’ve been working with Andreas Magnusson, an amazing music producer who has produced albums for This or the Apocalypse and Black Dahlia Murder… There’s no official release date for it yet, but expect to see it this spring!

Tell us about your new teaser that you guys released… What made you decide to release this song instead of another?

Well we listened to all the tracks and were really anxious for people to hear some new material. Our song Twisted Tongue stood out over the others and was a good song choice. It’s fast, heavy and pretty straight-forward, making it perfect for a single.

Any music videos or additional projects in the future?

It’s funny because we left for our tour on December 31st but 2 days before that, we spent all day on a new music video! We did individual parts first and went to the full band shots with slow motion effects and everything… It’s in the editing phase right now but it was an awesome experience that allowed us to go crazy. We probably went crazier than we usually do live. Expect it to be an amazing video! We also got some new merch and lyric videos on the way, courtesy of our other guitarist!

What do you plan to accomplish One Year from now?

We want to keep touring and increasing our fan base, while we continue to do what we love to do… Music! We love going to shows and having fans come up to us after our set and tell us about their lives and how our music has helped them get through any rough patches they may have had! We would love to continue to support bigger and smaller band and make new friends through the tours we may have. Hopefully the new record will bring this to us…

I want to thank Max Getz for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions! You can catch Max and the rest of One Year Later on tour with My Ticket Home and Our Last Night! Stay tuned for information on their upcoming album as well…

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