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I recently had the chance to talk with guitarist James Harper from one of Florida’s foremost local acts, melodic death metal outlet Wirethrone. We talked a little about releasing their debut full length, as well as what’s to come with the band. You can check out the interview and listen to their debut album entitled, “The Sun Betrays Us To The Night” in it’s entirety.

Q – You released your band’s debut album entitled, “The Sun Betrays Us To The Night” back on new year’s day. After it being completed for more than a year, how does it feel to finally be able to put it out now?

James – It’s a great feeling knowing the original three members hard work, time, effort, and creativity has finally come to light. I think that everyone, past and present want it to be released. It’s great music! All of the members involved in the writing process did a phenomenal job.

Q – You’ve recently added a couple of new members to the lineup. Can you introduce them, and tell us how it’s been having them on board?

James – During Wirethrone’s hiatus, I was able to land two very talented musicians to the band in Adam Mehdova on guitar, and Chris Horan on bass. Those guys gave me the necessary tool to help me complete and find tune the songs I was writing, and turn them into the most interesting take on melodic death metal.

Q – Are there any current plans to make another album under the new lineup, or release new music in general?

James – Yes! We are in the finishing stages of writing a new full length! We have nine songs completed and plan on hitting the studio next month.

Q – What are some of your favorite music releases from 2014?

James – Skyharbor, Fallujah, The Contortionist, In Flames and Scar Symmetry all put out fantastic albums!

Q – What has personally been your biggest accomplishment with your band thus far, and what do you hope to accomplish year?

James – The biggest accomplishment this band has had is a successful comeback. Josh, Kris, and I have been planning this for about a year now. Since then I’ve been busy writing a new album and searching for new members. Adam and Chris have not only added their unique and professional musicianship to Wirethrone, but also their brotherhood, and it’s a great feeling knowing that Wirethrone finally has a solid lineup. So the comeback is definitely the highlight so far.

Looking forward, Wirethrone has some big goals for 2015. We will be releasing a new album sometime in the summer or fall. Another goal is to get back out and play some shows! I think I speak for all of us when I say we are dying to hit the stage. I miss the “Wirethrone” chants!

Q – Moving forward, what can people except to come from Wirethrone in the coming months?

James – Wirethrone is heading into the studio within the next month. We have nine songs written and ready to record. I’ve been working on these songs for the past year or so, but they really found their voice thanks to the dynamic writing and musicianship of Adam and Chris. The new album will be different from the previous album. We decided to focus on strong rhythmic, melodic hooks with big harmonies and atmosphere. The lyrics are also vastly different. The new album will feature a more aggressive and down to earth tone than the previous. You guys can be expecting new album artwork and a brand new single within the coming months!

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