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Thira is one of those bands that when you hear them, you will never forget them. I had the pleasure of interviewing this industrial groove 5-piece hailing out of the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

The Interview:

1) Introduce yourselves and what you do in the band

Pif – Guitars, vocals, programming, auxiliary percussion.
Kayden – Vocals, auxiliary percussion,
Coz – Bass.
Digg – Drums.
Hall – Guitars.
Keszler – FOH Engineer

2) What is the meaning behind the name Thira and what does the music mean to you?

Thira is an island off the coast of Greece, and is one of the supposed sites of the lost city of Atlantis. The music of Thira is a coalescence of harsh industrial and groove metal, defining feelings of determination and progression.

3) You guys recently released a new single, is this a teaser for an upcoming album? Will it be a full length or an EP?

Cognition: One is the single from our upcoming EP, Vein I: Varying States of Decay.

4) What music influences the sound of Thira?

Thira is inspired by an array of artists. We have immense respect for anyone that is working to push the envelope and break new ground with their craft.

5) How is the music scene in the Twin Cities? Any bands you want to give a shout out to?

There is an incredible independent scene here in the cities with lots of competition. Some of our favorite bands from the area are Zebulon Pike, Reaping Asmodeia, Blood ‘n Stuff, Policia, The Drug Budget, and all the Doomtree artists.

6) What are your all-time favorite albums?

Digg: Iron Thrones “The Wretched Sun”, Fair To Midland “Arrows & Anchors”, Ween “White Pepper”,
Coz: Gojira “L’Enfant Sauvage”, Russian Circles “Geneva”, Bongripper “Satan Worshiping Doom”
Pif: Sevendust “Home”, Tori Amos “Boys for Pele”, Karnivool “Sound Awake”
Kayden: Marilyn Manson “Antichrist Superstar”, Oblige “Expectants”, The Quick Brown Fox “Brutal Rhythm Rider”
Hall: Rammstein “Herzeleid”, Soilwork “A Predator’s Portrait”, King Crimson “The ConstruKction Of Light”.

7) Any secrets you want to share about yourselves that no one knows of?

Our main live rig is referred to as The Jeff Goldblum Reactor

8) Do you have any tour plans coming up?

Yes! We are currently booking our Fall tour now, spanning eleven states

9) Is there anything else that you guys want the world to know about Thira?

We are now endorsed by Roeller’s Custom Guitars, and they are creating a Thira signature 8-string fanned-fret guitar and 5-string fretless bass. These will be available to the public in September!

You can get their newest single “Cognition: One” on our debut compilation HERE

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