September 28, 2021

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Interview: Gillian Carter

Formed in late 2005, Gillian Carter are a screamo/punk band hailing from Palm Bay, Florida. With a handful of EP’s and 4 LP’s under already under their belt, the band is releasing their newest album “… This Earth Shaped Tomb” via Skeletal Lightning/Moment of Collapse records on August 31st. Mixing elements of screamo, post-rock and post-punk, the record is sure to appeal to both fans old and new. I had a chance to chat with the boys prior to the release about how they’ve become a very influential band in the genre, where the band name came from, touring plans, and even their experience on tours. Do yourself a favor and follow these guys on Facebook and pick up the album here, because it’s bound to be on some year end lists!

Recently on an article on Noisey listed you as one of the bands revitalizing the screamo genre. How does that feel? Also how does it feel knowing that new and upcoming bands are around because you influenced them into playing screamo?

It feels pretty cool & I’m honored. I’ve always used this as an outlet. If you would have said to me in 2007 that anyone would think my band is “cool” i’d tell you, “you’re out of your mind.”

Originally what made you all want to form a band together?

I wanted to start a band after listening to Primus. I wanted to start a screamo band after I went to a local battle of the bands & saw a band called Beneath Low Flying Planes. I was so blown away by the band & their performances that i just wanted to be the next BLFP.

Where did the band name come from?

The name came from when i was listening to a song by a band called Allegory of the Cave. I thought that i had heard the name “Gillian Carter” as a lyric in the song & thought “that would be a pretty cool band name have been a fa of bands that are just peoples names like Neil Perry, & many more”. Later after playing with that bands later project they asked me where i got the name from, told them where in which they just responded with “Oh, we never say that in any of our old songs” & i said “Oh…” it was too late to change the myspace URL.

What kind of lyrics or themes can the listener expect to hear on the album?

Since the dawn of time, humanity evil heart has been killing itself off & coming up with new ways to do so. The drug companies thrive on keeping us sick. Mental Illness & stress wearing us all down till we can’t even recognize who we are anymore. Horrible acts being done in the name of god. In the end we’ll all be in the ground.

What albums did you listen to while writing/recording the album?

During the writing/recording I was listening to a lot of Mobb Deep, Morbid Angel, Apex twin, Pig Destroyer, Natas.

Who are some of your biggest influences musically?

In the beginning our biggest influences were Beneath Low Flying Planes, Neil Perry, Orchid, Godspeed you black emperor, explosions in the sky for the first record. With every album came different influences. During Having Lost i was listening to a lot of Beatles records & Coconut Records. Records after that we stopped limiting ourselves to genres or bands we dug & just kind of let the songs come with different moods or subject matters.

What are some of your fondest tour memories?

Honestly there’s too many. Some off the top of my head would be: the time we got paid in Doritos. We could probably write a book based on the first tour we ever went on. It was basically 15 shows over 30 days & 0 shows on the way home. Touring with henrietta was always a blast for us.

If you could tour with 3 bands, past or present, who would you tour with?

Hate Eternal, Torche, Zao.

Do you have any plans to tour to support the album at all?

We’re doing 2 weeks in Europe with Lost Boys, 3 days in the states, 6 days with Yashira. The plan for next year would be to do Full US, Canada, visit Puerto Rico & go back to Mexico.

Having Skeletal Lightning distribute and promote you guys must be helpful. How are they overall and would you recommend them for prospective artists?

Overall amazing. Sean is an awesome dude. He’s really done a lot for us & has personally helped me out with stuff like photoshop for album layouts & other things like that. We talk at least once a week. 10/10 would def recommend. We’re also working with Moment of Collapse Records in Germany. They’ve been super awesome to work with as well.

Do you have anything special you’d like to tell your current or future fan base?

Life is short, Don’t take it for granted. Live.

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