December 6, 2023

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Indie/emo group Milk St. release “China Town”, the first track off their upcoming EP

Milk St., a group from Bangor, Maine, have just dropped their new single “China Town”. The band formed in 2018 as Spaced but put out their debut album as Milk St. in 2022, with the record taking the band’s previous name, and are gearing up to release their EP Vermont starting off with “China Town”.

Vocalist Jonah Wakefield says, “’China Town’ is a song about coming of age and steeping yourself in what truly makes you, you at a very fragile point of your life. It’s about finding out exactly who you are and embracing the uncomfortable in pursuit of self discovery. It’s also about doing mushrooms with your cousin’s dog.”

On this track, they sound like a twang-inflected cross between acoustic-leaning Midwest emo acts like The Front Bottoms and quirky singer-songwriters like Alex G. You can stream the new track on your preferred platform here, and check out the music video below!

New Fury Media