November 26, 2022

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ICW NHB “Vol. 35 Deathmatch Horror Story” (10.29.2022) (Wrestling Review)


Vol. 35

Newark, New Jersey

Oct. 29th, 2022


Death Match
Lucky 13 vs. AKIRA

As usual Akira opens the show. Lucky 13 here was good as he’s more a of a vet in deathmatch but isn’t around in ICW. This was solid with more a hardcore feel to it vs being a deathmatch. Hopefully Lucky returns. 

3 / 5

Death Match
Cassie Kruger vs. Chris Bradley

A pretty fun deathmatch with Casanova who is always over. Not really a big fan of the end of the match though. Though the submission looked weak and odd and it sort of threw it off some. 

2.5 / 5

Death Match
Danny Demanto vs. Eddy Only

This was a really bad and boring one. Eddy Onlys comedy gig here didn’t play well and Danny took this one long and slow. Felt like it lasted longer than it did and only was here for the run in by Atticus. 

1 / 5

IWTV Independent Wrestling World Title Match
AC Mack (c) vs. Krule

Dominate squash for the IWTV title for Krule. 

.5 / 5

Death Match
Eric Ryan vs. Brandon Kirk

Felt like this match took too long setting everything up. The pots spots were cool but just took so long for little pay. This match sort of felt like it was building up to something then just ended instead. 

2 / 5

Death Match
John Wayne Murdoch vs. Hoodfoot

As expected JWM and Hoodfoot put on a bloody brawl deathmatch. Two of the best guys at it and both are guys who put their bodies on the line. A violent, bloody, and downright nasty match between these two. 

4 / 5

ICW American Deathmatch World Title Match
Kasey Kirk (c) vs. Matt Tremont

Really was into this match for most of it. Tremont knows how to do a good deathmatch. This just didn’t make Kirk look like a good champ. She was down most the match then Krule interfering continues their story but just didn’t work here. The choke out to end Tremont didn’t look good at all either. 

2.5 / 5

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