Howard Jones and Adam D. (Killswitch Engage) are teaming up on a new musical project

Howard Jones isn’t the frontman of Killswitch Engage anymore, but he’ll always be connected to the band in many capacities. From collaborating with the band on the single “The Signal Fire” (one of metal’s “holy shit, this was awesome moments) to occasionally popping up during Killswitch Engage shows, one wonders why Howard Jones doesn’t just rejoin Killswitch Engage for what would undoubtedly be some amazing vocal dynamics with Jesse Leach. There’s probably a few good reasons for this – he’s busy with various side projects, as well as frontman duties in Light The Torch, who released a new album a couple years back.

Anyway, as you can tell by the headline, there’s more excitement for fans of the band, Howard Jones, or metal. It appears KSE’s Adam D. and Howard Jones are teaming up on some sort of untitled new project together, as the two posted on Instagram together. Also, sushi was involved. And now we’re hungry for metal AND sushi, we just need more Joji and all would be perfect.

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