February 25, 2024

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Guitar extraordinaire Anthony Tardino shreds on new song, “Avarice”

Anthony Tardino is a guitarist you need to know, and fast. Having released a string of songs over the last 2+ years, Tardino’s riffs are THICC and his talent is massive, especially if you’re into anything related to progressive metal. Generally, you know what you’re getting with his music, and with some identifiable frequent collaborators, Tardino’s style is one that’s still developing as well.

Anyway, his new song “Avarice” just dropped, and it’s a banger and a half. The song, which features frequent collaborator David Pezzanite (of Koluna), is out now for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the riffs! The song also dropped via BeheadingTheTraitor. Tardino is one of our favorite talents that flies under the radar, so be on the lookout for new music as well.

New Fury Media