May 19, 2024

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Futurama to make a return on Hulu, however not all cast is set to return due to money dispute

Futurama has had it’s fanbase wanting more episodes ever since it’s cancellation in 2013 left them heartbroken. The demand for new episodes was heard by Hulu and they are bringing the show back with most of the original cast! I did say MOST as one particular voice actor isn’t returning and fans are torn on it. The voice actor John DiMaggio voices Bender, one of the most iconic characters on the show, and he is not set to reprise his role in the upcoming reboot. The voice actor who plays Bender, John DiMaggio, has stated he is not returning to the reboot due to disagreement with salaries. John has went on to say not only does he feel he deserves more money, but so does the entire original cast. This situation has been dubbed “Bendergate”.

Fans of the show are torn between being excited for the show’s return, while others are upset the most iconic character, Bender, won’t be voiced by the original voice actor.

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