March 4, 2024

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Five of the most prominent bands that formed in college

Music is the universal language of the soul. It can bring people together unexpectedly and create beautiful bonds. It creates community and helps us connect. Music is one of the best aspects of life; and some people found music to be an important part of their careers. Let’s see what some of the best rock bands that formed in college are and how they changed the world for good.

Why Listen to Rock Music?

Before we dig deeper into our subject, let’s see how listening to rock music can improve our lives and why listening to it is effective for the brain.Listening to rock music makes you feel connected to those around you. You truly feel that you are part of a community, engaging with people whose passions are similar to yours. Surprisingly, listening to rock music can open your appetite for reading. If you’re into heavy metal music, for example, reading about it in magazines or blogs can help you become more passionate about reading.

Research is now suggesting that listening to rock music can have beneficial effects on your cognition. Your memory is more likely to improve, and the neuronal pathways can connect easier.
Contrary to popular belief, rock music can make you less violent, according to research by the Royal Society. This is because, when listening to rock music, some of us express our violent emotions, leaving little to no room for violent behavior.
You can also become a critical thinker by listening to rock music. When you hear something untrue about your favorite band, you will immediately research the matter at hand. Reporting to that information and critically dismantling the myths will help you become a critical thinker.

Last but not least, rock music can reduce stress and improve your overall health. When listening to your favorite music, your body’s cortisol level increases and you immediately become happier. So, if you’re struggling with your exam study and are on the verge of burning out, listen to a few rock/heavy metal bands and you’ll be golden. You could also buy an essay online if you’re struggling with time management. There are many consults out there that can help you write essays. If you’re looking for a place to buy essays online, you can reach out to any Edubirdie consultant and pay someone to write a paper. Writers here are more than happy to help you since they are always open to new challenges.

What Are the Top Rock Bands Formed in College?

Let’s proceed to what matters the most – let’s see what bands met in college and formed while in school. How cool is that?

Queen. This band was formed in college in the 60s, with Freddie Mercury at the top of the chain of command. The first name of the band was ‘Smile’ but they later changed it.

Pink Floyd. The British band formed in college in ’63 and started playing shows together in ’65. They used their college basement for rehearsal.

Commodores. Some of their most well-known songs are Easy or Brick House. The band formed while the six members were freshmen in college.

R.E.M. One of the best rock bands formed in college, R.E.M debuted in 1980 and sold millions of albums before breaking up in 2011.

Pixies. Boston fans will love it, as Pixies started playing together at the University of Massachusetts. With four consecutive albums in the late ’80s and early ’90s that proved influential to alternative music, they’re pretty much icons now.

How to Create Your Own Band

If you’re super excited about starting your own band while in school, here’s a short guide on how to do that.

*Find your bandmates. Make sure you pick people you’re familiar with and get along with. Look for a guitarist, a singer, a drummer, and a bassist. Use social media to promote your search.
*Find your sound, your music type, your vibe – and find people who share it. Finding someone who’ll only play indie (when you clearly are into rock) can be distracting and won’t work.
*Find a place to practice. It can be anything from a garage to your basement or a church.
*Start writing your own songs and explore what you already know.
*Come up with a band name that sticks! Make it big and powerful. Then make a band agreement and ensure that everyone knows their place.
*Make room for practicing in your schedule and don’t forget about all the band responsibilities you’ve got now.
*Also, think about finances and make sure you all agree on who pays what.
*Next, record a demo and send it to an agency. If you’re not there yet, search for random gigs around your city. Go play!

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Cory Shilling is an artist and a freelance writer. She writes for blogs worldwide on topics such as music, marketing, and production. Cory’s favorite activity is singing but she also likes playing D&D with her friends.

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