October 25, 2021

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Exclusive Premiere: Doom metal band CemeteriuM release their new full-length album ‘My Ruin’

Coming from the heart of Jalisco, Mexico comes a doom metal band that dig their roots right into the subgenre and embraces it. That band is CemeteriuM, and they have just unleashed their third full length album, My Ruin. It’s not often we get sent a band that swings back to the doom subgenre. CemeteriuM has done a really well job at executing their genre as well as blending aspects from black metal. CemeteriuM have unleashed a 47 minute album packed into 7 tracks that tells a fascinating story lyrically. The group was formed in 2004, an impressive feat. CemeteriuM has a interesting and tragic past. The band converted to a solo project before the release of their second album “As Death Consumes the Earth”. CemeteriuM decided to seek out new members and go back to band status with their new and third studio album “My Ruin” which saw the band 7 years after the release of “As Death Consumes the Earth”. CemeteriuM prevailed through thick and thin, and with everything that’s thrown at them, they continue to release music they’re passionate about. That’s something to be admired. CemeteriuM has resurfaced after a long 7 years, and we love I respect the style and production of these tracks. The songwriting is compelling and full of thought. This becomes more true as you dive deeper into the album.


CemeteriuM is set to unleash their new album “My Ruin” worldwide on October 25th, 2021. New Fury will be providing you with an early stream!


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