September 16, 2021

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Erra is in the studio recording a new album

While 2018’s Neon was a tremendous success for the band, resulting in some of the highest-profile tours of the progressive metalcore band’s career to date, the best is still yet to come for Erra. The band, who are playing major festivals like Furnace Fest and iMatter, just to name a few, have more big plans on the horizon this year. Namely, a new album – which the Alabama-based band are in the studio recording right now.

Guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash announced the news on his personal Instagram very recently. While it’s of course unknown what the new record will sound like, expecting too much of a divergence from the band’s tried and true progressive and melodic metalcore probably won’t happen. Or maybe the band will end up writing a polka album? Who knows. Either way, it’ll be the band’s first new material since last year’s stand-alone single release of “Eye Of God”.

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