March 4, 2024

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EP Review: “Because You Were Home” by Unalaska


Unalaska is a band you have to pay attention to. They are taking the post-hardcore scene by storm with their debut EP, “Because You Were Home”.

Hailing from Westland, Michigan, the band describes themselves on their bandcamp page as “alternative, beautiful, experimentl post-hardcore”, and rightfully so, because that’s exactly what it is. Beautiful, riveting, heart wrenching. These are all words to describe this masterpiece of an EP that rivals Alesana in the horror theme; vocals so strained and emotional, yet gorgeous in a way that reminds you of In Fear and Faith.

“Nora”, the beginning track, starts off almost as if it’s an inviting whisper filled theme song to a sick and twisted story that is “Because You Were Home”, but then kicks into a strong riff and terrorizing vocals. It’s definitely ear pleasing and draws you in for more.

“Arnold Friend” gives off a hardcore vibe more so than a post-hardcore one in the beginning, and the change of vocals are a nice change and leaves you wondering what else is up this band’s sleeve. Go back to the prior mention of giving Alesana a run for their money and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Insanity is the only word to explain this track.

“There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand” features The Plot In You’s Landon Tewers, who also helped create the record as mentioned on twitter by band member Brandon Coultier. This track shows off the more technical side of the band and gives a fresh new face to the sound of post-hardcore. Landon’s vocals are alike to what you hear in his own band’s newer single and B-side, and it helps give off that emotional, raw sound that they went for (and succeeded at doing so). This track also gives off a poetic La Dispute vibe that I absolutely adore with lyrics like, “You all make me who I am, but not for the better. I used to love storms, but they changed with the weather. And whether or not you say you’re sorry and you mean it, it doesn’t change the past; doesn’t change how I see it.”

“Greyshot” is another track that gives off that technical side that you heard in the track prior, featuring a woman saying, “He’ll rip your soul out, daddy.” It’s surely another that will remind you of In Fear and Faith, and just as goose-bump raising as the others.

“Caging Mark Trow” features Conquer Divide’s Kiarely Castillo, who gives more of a softer sound than the rest of the EP, but in a way, sort of rips into your chest with her vocals with emotion. The harmonizing that happens is absolutely beautiful and is definitely something that is an eyebrow raiser, as well as the eerie ending to it, closing the EP with just as much of a horror theme as the beginning track.

All of it reminds me a lot of Silent Hill, if I’m completely honest. It’s absolutely mind blowing how amazing this debut EP is. It truly is a reminder that Unalaska is a band to pay attention to. This EP is an easy 10/10.

You can stream the EP on SoundCloud as well as Bandcamp!

Written by Annabel Schwartz

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