December 1, 2023

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Enterprise Earth are recording a new album

Enterprise Earth are certainly one of the more impressive bands still carrying the torch of deathcore today. While many of their peers have fizzled out or at least found themselves unable to adapt to changing trends, the band’s three full-lengths to date have shown them on an upward trend forward. 2019’s Luciferous was arguably their best to date, coalescing their influences into something that really helped to separate the band from the metaphorical pack.

Now, it appears the band is in the middle of recording a new record. While the band released a new song earlier this year in the form of the impressive “Foundation Of Bones”, guitarist Gabe Mangold has now teased a guitar solo that’ll ostensibly appear on the new album.

Considering the band has released a new album every 2 years since 2015’s debut album Patient 0, you can probably expect the band’s new record to drop sometime in 2021. That is, if we’re all even alive by then.

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