November 30, 2021

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Down In Lavender Town: An Interview With Dwellings

Modesto, California post-hardcore band Dwellings recently released their debut album “Lavender Town” on June 29th via Tragic Hero Records. Similar to some of the “Swancore” bands out there, Dwellings put their own unique touch on the genre and even throw in a bit of progressive/alternative rock elements into the mix to keep the listener interested throughout it’s runtime. Recently I had the chance to chat with Isaac Wilson and Anthony Pacheco from the band about what differentiates them from their other contemporaries, some of their most anticipated releases, and what it’s like being singed to a record label. Read on to find learn more about the band, give them a like on Facebook, and purchase their album via one of the links below!



In terms of the writing process, what was your most listened to album? Was it influential in your writing at all?

[IW] My most listened to album is most likely 1 of 3

Chon: Grow

Hail the Sun: Wake

And I the Mighty: Connector

I would say the first 5 songs of the album weren’t influenced at all by these bands but the last 5 were for sure such an inspiration to us.

[AP] My most listened to album was the Sales Lp by an indie band called Sales. Inclusive to what Isaac mentioned above the writing, we would listen to a lot of HTS and Chon on our drives to the recording studio. I’m a huge indie rock nerd so the vicinity of that genre is always apparent in my personal writings.

What were some of your most listened to albums while writing/recording?

[IW] Other than those last 3 I listened to a ton of DBM 2 by Dance Gavin Dance and the Elephantitis EP by Hail the Sun, and I know that inspired me a ton on the first half of LT.

What are some of the lyrical themes or meanings behind some of the songs?

[IW] We have lyrics about bipolar disorder, religion, death of family members, prescription abuse, ex girlfriends, friends leaving, and relationships with current people in my life.

[AP] A lot of the songs on the record have specific meanings and specific themes, but as a whole I’m proud that LT was crafted into something that can be interpreted in many different ways lyrically. For example, Ordinary Destruction is about band members and close friends leaving. Some people have seen it as a breakup song specifically because of the lines “I just want you to stay, but I know it’s only selfish.”

Who did you work with as a producer? What kind of experience did you have with them?

[IW] Josh Benton is who produced, mixed and mastered Lavender Town. It was a pleasure working with him, he’s super helpful and shares his insight on each song improving it further. Would love to go back to Benton for our second LP!

[AP] Josh Benton is an amazing producer. He’s very specific and pays attention to detail. I’ve worked with a handful of producers with previous projects (same with mixing engineers) and I feel like everything he touches always sounds like good. My favorite Sianvar and Hail the Sun EP were done by him and I feel like he knows what he’s doing and achieves the sound we envisioned going into the studio.

What bands are some of your biggest influences?

[IW] Hail the Sun,SUPERFRUIT, The Mars Volta, Chon, I the Mighty, Dance Gavin Dance, Circa Survive and many more.

[AP] Ritchie Valens, Circa Survive, The Mars Volta, Lorde, The Fall Of Troy, Maná, and tons of others over the years.

If you could tour with any 3 bands, past or present, who would you choose?

[IW] Chon, Hail the Sun or The Mars Volta would be a dream tour, I’d probably die happy if any one of those tours happened.

[AP] Ritchie Valens (RIP), Circa Survive, or Lorde. I’m a huge Lorde fan.

Do you have any tour plans to help spread the word about the release?

[IW] Since we’ve been looking for members we haven’t had the chance to book a single show but things are looking up and we’re almost at a complete line up again!

[AP] Were hoping to tour very soon with a complete line up. It’s been so long since we’ve hit the road and I couldn’t be more excited to do that very soon.

What’s it like being signed to a label as opposed to doing everything yourself?

[IW] Distribution and little things like that are something we don’t have to worry about now, the label has a really cool team and it’s a pleasure working with them!

[AP] Being on a label is vastly different than being an independent artist. The hardest part is probably not being able to share music whenever you want. Good things come to those who wait though. We wouldn’t be where we are without our family at Tragic Hero Records, we love everyone there to death.

What albums are you all most looking forward to this year?

[IW] Hyperreal by Makari is probably my most anticipated album to come out this year, Andy’s an amazing vocalist and I’m super impressed by this bands instrumentals, I’ve already preordered the album and merch bundle and I advise who ever reads this to do the same!!

[AP] I’m excited for Hail the Sun’s new record as well as our friends in Makari’s album. There’s probably a ton of more music coming out this year for the fall/winter that will be announced soon and I absolutely can’t wait.

If there was one song you all would love to cover, what would that be? 

[IW] Probably thinking bout you by Frank Ocean, I think it would be super fun to play live with dwellings! Or imaginary parties by SUPERFRUIT

[AP] It’s kind of cliche to me but I’d love to cover “We Belong Together” by Ritchie Valens. Ever since I was a kid, RV was someone I aspired to be and looked up to. I have pictures of me in 1st grade serenading my teacher with a toy guitar dressed up like Valens.

Is there anything you’d like to tell your current or future fan base?

[IW] And I guess I’d have to say thank you for being there and buying the record or merch and reaching out to us, if you listened to the album and enjoyed it let us know, it means the world!!

[AP] To our old/current fans, thank you for listening and sharing the record. The support is surreal and I love waking up every morning to love from people all over the world. It’s crazy how you can build a community and something special through music. To our future fans, I hope you stick with us for a long time because we are in this for the long run as well.

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