September 22, 2023

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Coming Soon: TheNewFury Podcast


We’re excited, after much deliberation, to be bringing you the TNFPodcast in the coming weeks. Having guested on a couple podcasts before (like Kill The Music’s great one), we’re looking to bring you special guests, sponsorships, new music premieres, and much more. We’ll be discussing sports, music, video games, and other topics on the show, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to be a part of. Check out more info below.

Episode one will be coming this month, and we’ll be doing episodes on Mondays, for the most part. We’re looking to have sports stars, music producers, musicians, composers, and much more on the show! If you’re a band, musician, producer, or prominent industry person who wants to guest on the show, email us at We’d love to have you.

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