November 27, 2021

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Coletta finally reveal tracklist for first album, “Idealism”

At long last, psychedelic post-hardcore band Coletta have given some details about their long-awaited debut record, Idealism.

Although the release date is coming next week, this release has been teased time and time again since 2019. The unique group released the timeless EP Mind & Time, and a cover of Joji’s “Sanctuary,” but this will be their first fully-fledged album.

Tracks include the memorable single “Wanderlust,” and some others with compelling titles such as “Agoraphobia” and “Enouement.” It looks to be a longer release at 12 tracks and no interludes/segways.

If you haven’t given a listen to Coletta, here’s your chance before they explode onto the scene.

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