July 1, 2022

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Clinton Gee’s Top 10 Albums of 2013


Clinton Gee of Indulgist stopped by to offer up his ten favorite albums of 2013. Check it out after the jump.

Often times when readers check out “Top 10” lists, they see it as that organization’s definitive fact of the best albums for the year. This is not that. I’m not anybody special. I play music, but I’m sure quite a few of you reading this play music as well. I’m just a music enthusiast and an avid supporter of the folks who make it. Music speaks to people in different ways and I think it is dumb to dismiss or support an album just because some fancy magazine or blog says to. You’ll miss out on some some great music that way. Your opinion is just as important, so tell someone and keep spreading solid music! Here are ten (of infinity) of my personal favorites from 2013.

10.) Night Verses – Lift Your Existence:

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This album is simply fantastic. Great musicianship on all fronts. Tons of really cool riffs, ambience, and song progression. Once again, KILLER musicianship on all fronts. Every member of this band shines at several points in the duration of the album.

9.) Nails – Abandon All Life : This is the heaviest album I heard this year. It has a little something for everyone who is into aggressive music. Painfully fast, yet crushingly slow at times. I want to punch myself and the next person I see in the face just thinking about it…

8.) The Front Bottoms – Talon of the Hawk : Either you love it or you don’t. A weird blend of catchy acoustic punk-influenced indie rock songs. If you can find the parallel to your life in the lyrics, we will probably get along. Either that or we will awkwardly smile and wave as we pass each other on our way home to listen to it separately.

7.) Pity Sex – Feast of Love:

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Deep, catchy, and moody songs with dual guy/girl vocals. This album is so raw and stripped down with gritty guitar tones and thick bass. I highly suggest giving this band some attention.

6.) HRVRD – From the Bird’s Cage: I was hooked immediately. This band has such a cool and original sound. They have the ability to bring a song from a drone to a mountain top with the emotion that they put into playing. So many layers, yet so simple at the same time. Intense and ambient at the same time. The vocalist has a great range and never seems to reach his peak until the next song. Best live band I saw this year.

5.) Laura Stevenson – Wheel : If Laura Stevenson was the girl next door to me growing up, I never would have left my home town. I feel like she left a little bit of her soul in the vocal booth when this album was recorded. Laura is a breath of fresh air for the “singer songwriters” of the last few years and is bound to write some commercial hit in the coming years. Wheel is definitely a “chill time” listen, but I feel like these songs are so beautiful that I find time to stop, get sad, and smell the roses every day.

4.) Drug Church – Paul Walker :

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If you hate your life because you’re a poor, sarcastic, pissed off, and slightly aesthetic snap case: this is the album for you. Not quite punk, hardcore, or alternative, this album sits on the fringe of any scene label ( exaxctly where it belongs). Paul Walker suddenly died months after the release of this album, so it only adds to the irony of what this band was going for with the title. This album makes it feel ok to be an ass hole sometimes.

3.) Off With Their Heads – Home : The best term to describe this album is “hopeful hopelessness.” Laden with driving power chords and depressing/uplifting lyrics about mental illness, this album makes you not feel so alone in your day-to-day routine of giving the middle finger to your personal demons and self-loathing shame. Just headbang it out, buddy. The vocalist, Ryan, seems like he feels worse. Cheer up, kiddo!

2.) Streetlight Manifesto – The Hands That Thieve : This album is best listened to with your life-long best friend, a nice email from your parents, and a 10 foot space to jump around in. Widely known as a “ska” band, Streetlight breaks the mold yet again to deliver you a ridiculously talented and overwhelmingly positive album. Lyrically, this album has the wisdom of a respectable adult with the melodic playfulness of a stoned ADHD teen. This album takes you to the depths and heights of everywhere you can go with a pair of warn out Vans and an undying spirit (and horn section).

1.) Daylight – Jar :

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I listened to this album every day for a solid few months. This album is everything a rock album should be. Driving riffs, catchy vocals (with harmonies), and that immeasurable thing that touches the soul and captures the sound of a time in your life. Deep, right? Whatever.

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