Chicago punk band Lurk drops new EP “Natural Causes” + video for self titled single

Chicagos own Lurk have dropped their latest EP “Natural Causes” out now via Pure Noise Records. The band has also dropped a video for the EPs self titled single “Natural Causes” which fans of the city will enjoy spotting scenery in.



Speaking about the new track the band said, “This song is about struggling to feel like you belong anywhere. Everyone deals with imposter syndrome or struggles with some sort of identity crisis to an extent. In the rapid changing world of art or subculture that seems more relevant while just trying to survive life and do the things that make you happy. “

“We couldn’t be more proud of this EP as a whole. I truly think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done from the songs to the lyrics to the artwork. The songs are raw and full of energy yet remain catchy and full of hooks which is really the goal of our songwriting.  We really focused on the kind of production we were after and the vibe we wanted to create with this release which resulted in some more raw sounds and darker themes. I think on Natural Causes we were able to balance everything we’re about while calling back to some of the things that influenced us to start this band.”


Natural Causes
World On A String
Honey Hive
Dark Humor


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