Circle 6 “King Of The Deathmatches” 2023 (Wrestling Review)

Circle 6 King Of The Deathmatches Los Angeles, California Dec. 30th, 2023   King Of The Deathmatches 2023 First Round Blunt Force Trauma Death Match Otis Cogar vs. AJ Gray Decent opening match. A few good spots but nothing great.  2 / 5 King Of The Deathmatches 2023 First Round Ultraviolent Baptism Death Match Bobby Beverly vs. MAO Crowd…

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GCW At Wrestlecade Weekend (11.24.2023) (Wrestling Review)

GCW At Wrestlecade Weekend Salem, North Carolina Nov. 24th, 2023   Ten Man Tag Team Match 1 Called Manders, Alec Price, Charlie Tiger, Cole Radrick & Shane Mercer vs. Bobby Flaco, Facade, Fuego Del Sol, Hunter Drake & Sam Stackhouse A sloppy and generic multi man match. They got their big spots in and the crowd was fine for it.  2.5 / 5 Singles Match Maki Itoh vs. Kylie…

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