December 1, 2023

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Brutality Will Prevail announce new album, “In Dark Places”

For the last decade or so, Wales-based UK hardcore band have been putting out some of the most aggressive albums in the scene – the EP Sleep Paralysis and acclaimed LP Root Of All Evil being among their best work, injecting doom and sludge metal into their influential hardcore sound. In a world where many hardcore bands sound exactly the same, BWP have always channeled more genre influences than one might think.

After jumping out of a break of sorts after 2014’s underwhelming Suspension Of Consciousness, the band is back with their just-announced 5th full-length, In Dark Places. And judging by recently released video for “Forever Restless”, it’s clear the band is rejuvenated. Want to know where most of these recent downtempo/deathcore bands got their sound? Brutality Will Prevail is the answer. But you just can’t top the original purveyors of the sound.

Listen to “Forever Restless” below, along with a full tracklisting for the upcoming album, out March 24th. Get amped, because this is shaping up to be a monster.

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