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Knocked Loose’s “Don’t Reach For Me” has entered Spotify’s USA Viral 50 chart

Closing in on 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, perhaps the best way to measure the current popularity and success of Knocked Loose is to count the number of sold-out shows they’re playing lately. Their upcoming North American headlining tour is basically sold-out, despite playing sizable bigger rooms each tour. This is, of course, something…

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An underrated Deftones song from ‘Saturday Night Wrist’ is getting more attention, thanks to their Coachella performances

Long overlooked in their extensive discography, Saturday Night Wrist is a Deftones album that warrants a re-evaluation across the board. Of course, when you have such an expansive discography, it’s easy to overlook something. Sandwiched between their self-titled album and 2010’s Diamond Eyes, the record really does contain some of the band’s most compelling moments…

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