Apnea: Local Goodness


Apnea out of Tampa, FL has been making headway in the local scene. From their stellar stage presence to the heavy/technicality of their music, they have the entire package. Opening for bands such as Stick To Your Guns, Volumes, Being As An Ocean, and (soon to come) Veil of Maya, they have been getting recognition for their hard work and dedication.

They have recently finished recording their EP and have been keeping it a secret as to the release date and the name of the EP. Keep in touch with them as many people are waiting anxiously to jam out to their music in their cars!

Below is a video of their single “Judgement.” Also, included at the bottom, is a link to pick up their single and give them a like on Facebook to keep in touch with this up-and-coming artist!

Like them on Facebook here!

Download their single here!

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