All four Hopesfall records from the band’s Trustkill Records days are now on streaming services, including ‘The Satellite Years’

Alongside many of their like-minded brethren like Poison The Well and Misery Signals, Hopesfall were (and still are) innovators in the post-hardcore and metalcore scenes. One of the first bands in that scene to include prominent space rock and shoegaze influences, Hopesfall clearly have had a large impact on the scene they grew up in – and beyond.

Aligned with Trustkill Records, the band eventually separated after 2007’s Magnetic North (though they released a comeback album, Arbiter, in 2018). The band’s output on the label, especially 2002’s The Satellite Years, maintain a strong reverence – and for good reason. While not all of those records have been available on every streaming service, thankfully, now they are – from 2002 EP No Wings To Speak Of to Magnetic North.

It’s part of a larger effort by Josh Grabelle // Trustkill Records to upload most of Trustkill’s discography to streaming services, some for the first time. Albums are rolling out from the likes of Despair, Most Precious Blood, and many more – to say the label played a part in the development of metalcore and hardcore is an understatement.

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