October 25, 2021

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Affiance To Crowdfund New EP, Preorders Available Now


Cleveland, Ohio metal veterans Affiance, who experienced one of the biggest years of their career in 2015 (with full tours with Killswitch Engage and Protest The Hero), have announced a new EP available to preorder via Indiegogo. Plenty of perks are available, including selecting a vocal cover for the band to perform, a private listening party, and much more. You can check out a full breakdown of the expenses and plans for the release below, along with a clip of a new song, “Reboot”.

The upcoming release will be the first since Blackout, which was incredibly well-received by critics and saw Affiance reaching new heights.

Here is the breakdown for the $10,000 budget:

Recording – $3,500
Mixing and Mastering – $1,000
Perks and Shipping – $3,500
Marketing and promotions – $1,300
Indiegogo Fees – $400
Paypal Fees – $300

We know we have very supportive fans out there. It is possible that we can surpass this goal so we want to offer incentives for our fans to continue to give beyond the $10,000 goal. Here is the plan:

$10,000 – This is our minimum goal: We will record and release a 5 song EP.
$15,000 – We will record and release a 6 song EP, we will film a music video, and have additional marketing money.
$20,000 – We will release a 7 song EP, a bonus cover song, and have even more marketing money.
$25,000 – We will release an Iron Maiden cover, and have a solid marketing budget.
$30,000 – We will film a second music video and we will have a full marketing budget.
$40,000 – We will do a full U.S. and Canadian headliner to perform the EP in its entirety, plus some Affiance classics picked by you! (at least 30 cities)
$50,000 – If we raise this amount, it would not only be 5 times the amount asked, it would be enough to make this EP a full length album!

We believe that with your help, we can do this. Time and time again fans have stepped up and helped their favorite bands. We hope this fundraiser will be a monumental success and entirely change the game, not only for Affiance, but for dozens of medium to small sized bands still looking to grow their audience!

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