September 23, 2021

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Aborted drop super heavy new single “Drag Me To Hell”

Aborted are no secret to death metal fans and with their new single “Drag Me To Hell”, everyone should be watching anything this band does. The single comes from their upcoming album ManiaCult out this September. Listen to the single below and let us know how heavy it is!




“Alright alright! It’s good old Jack Burton here, and he’s got one thing to say: ‘get ready for the boom stick!’ We have such sights to show you—or rather sounds to play you—with the next single from ManiaCult, ‘Drag Me to Hell’. Trust me, you’re going to want to click that button and spread it before Wayland comes for YOU,” states ABORTED about their new single “Drag Me To Hell”.
“We also welcome Filip Danielsson of Humanity’s Last Breath to the ManiaCult via a killer guest spot. Considering Wayland’s goal is the end of humanity, we’d say Filip’s support is a great harbinger…”
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