4 Amazing Apps You Definitely Have to Try

Most devices can do many things with unique features beyond snapping selfies and uploading posts on different social media networks. With an excellent built-in feature on a device, you can transform that device into whatever you want, like making your phone a movie theater, a sensor tool or a graphic design tool, and much more.

However, downloading an app for your device can be straightforward, but getting the best app to download might be challenging since every developer claims to create the best app that you will love to explore. But unfortunately, it might just be the opposite.

Nevertheless, some apps are well developed, and function exactly as said in their features. With some mind-blowing capability developed in features like security, productivity, and utilities, you will discover how amazing such an app can be. Here are four amazing apps you definitely have to try out;


BlueMail is an emailing app. It is beautifully designed to be a universal mailing app capable of managing, storing, accepting, and sending an unlimited amount of mails accounts from several providers. It ensures that your mail server is directly connected to the app, thereby acting as a good substitute for various email apps to be monitoring.

Email is a means of communication. With BlueMail having a feature known as BlueMail’s people switch, it has a powerful capability of aggregating emails from particular senders like individual, shared groups, and automated emails from machines or services. It has made things easy to locate with its single entity feature for clustering of emails on the app.

With its wide range of customization, both visual and technical, menus and swipe actions, themes, and color, BlueMail keeps your mailbox in an orderly style you will love.


Viddly is a conversion tool used after downloading Youtube videos. It provides the fastest way to download videos from youtube in full HD, 4k, 8k quality in various formats like MP4, MP3, 3GP, AAC, and more. The Viddly Conversion tool has a feature that allows downloading any playlist with just one click conversion tool. The most fantastic thing about this conversion tool is converting and downloading videos in seconds. If you want to know, download the app and explore the outstanding features, especially if you are a video lover.

Having a GPS navigation system that is a Google subsidiary will be a fantastic app also to try out. It is compatible with any device, be it a laptop or smartphone, with GPS support capability. Waze, which is a free application, provides mind-blowing features such as,

Current traffic updates, which actively update while using the app.
Various social and geo-gaming elements to make your experience on the app fun.
It also gives a commuter update about police traps, construction, and lots more.
It provides multiple routes to any place you want to be and selects the best route for you after collecting other routes.
It has a better voice prompt feature that is very amazing.

However, it has a social user-generating feature that will make you love the app and become a frequent user. It is good to keep the app activated on your device after inputting your destination while driving to contribute to the traffic updates. You can share road reports or any hazards on the road to help others know what to come across while using that route, and if you are not aware, Waze gives points to users for sharing information. Also, Waze is available to a community of online map editors who try to ensure that their location is up to date as possible.

Google News

Keeping up with the updates around you is usually a great idea. Most people rely on big news platforms to get updates on what is happening around them. With an app like Google news, you can also know about what is happening around or around the world. It has a special section known as ‘For You,’ which helps to provide customized news and displays the same info from different publishers while going on full coverage. It also offers subscribing services for various magazines and news sources. The most exciting thing you will love about Google’s new app is its massive database of information from trusted sources only.

Getting to explore these apps will make you eager to discover lots and lots about apps with fantastic features like the few listed in this article. All you need to do is go to any downloading app store, search for these apps, and start using its excellent features. You are going to find out how amazing these apps can be with their features.

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