The Ghost Inside confirm new record is finished, to be produced by Will Putney and ADTR’s Jeremy McKinnon

It’s been a long road back for The Ghost Inside since their tragic touring accident, but with multiple shows having been played in the last year or so, there’s now even more light at the end of the tunnel for TGI fans who have been clamoring for new music. While we knew that the band would be working with ADTR’s Jeremy McKinnon and FFAA mastermind Will Putney on upcoming new music, it seems now we have a timeline of when new music might be released.

Appearing on the Downbeat Podcast (fitting!), hosted by Stray From The Path’s Craig Reynolds, drummer Andrew Tkaczyk discussed the timeline for new TGI music isn’t very far away. (Special shout out to Lambgoat for transcribing the important bits.)

“Back in January of last year I turned one of my bedrooms into a little studio, and the guys came out and we just started writing it. So when we got hold of Will to tell him we were interested in him producing the record, we also had Jeremy from A Day To Remember on board, which we’ve had on the last two records. How it worked was, we first initially met up in Orlando at Jeremy’s studio and Andrew Wade’s studio to do these pre-pro demos. And that was in May of last year. So he came there, and we all flew to Florida, and we spent two or three weeks in Orlando. And then we took a little break because we had our comeback show to do in July, so we took a little break to prepare for that, and then went back to good old Belleville, New Jersey to finish and track the record. I don’t think we’ve quite settled on a name yet – but the record is done, and literally as of last night we are listening to the mix, and all this stuff. So it’s super-exciting.”

It’s been 6 years since TGI released their most recent album Dear Youth, and while it’s unknown what the album will actually sound like, the fact that it even exists at all is a miracle, as well as a testament to TGI’s unwavering determination to create.