September 23, 2021

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The Ghost Inside are recording a new album with members of A Day To Remember + Fit For An Autopsy

While the possibility of the band playing more shows is up in the air as of this time, The Ghost Inside’s long-awaited comeback show almost 4 years after a tragic van accident was a resounding success. Sold-out long before the show actually happened, it’s been known for a while that the beloved band were plotting new music – and it appears we have a little more of a timeline for that new music, at least with the band recently teasing it on social media.

The Ghost Inside were spotted in the studio with A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon, the vocalist who also produced their most recent album in 2014’s Dear Youth, and producer Will Putney, who’s also in Fit For An Autopsy (they also have a sick new record dropping soon), and has produced records for the likes of Northlane. Needless to say, fans of The Ghost Inside should probably be excited.

It should also be noted that the band’s upcoming record will be released by Epitaph Records, who helped give them a springboard to major success before their untimely accident in 2015.

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