The Weight of $ilence release their new song “Silencer” featuring Hunt The Dinosaur!

The Australian trap metal up and comers The Weight of $ilence have released their energic new song “Silencer” featuring the one and only Hunter Madison from Hunt The Dinosaur! The band has been quickly gaining traction since their birth. The new song “Silence” packs a chaotic punch with a liquid like flow on the microphone.
Coming up from the deep south, Australian four piece outfit The Weight of $ilence have been working hard to create their own tight, melodic but brutal sound. Influenced by traditional metal & hardcore as well as “trap” music & party metal; TWOS has quickly become a staple of the Australian heavy music scene. Since 2016 they have played major festivals, toured Asia, collaborated with heavy music luminaries like Danny Leal (Upon a Burning Body), Hunter Madison (Hunt The Dinosaur) & become well known as the pioneers of the burgeoning trap metal movement!
Their new album, slated for release in late 2020, will feature more of their signature heavy sound- which is equal parts self aware party metal & trap tinged melodic hardcore! Hot off a collaboration with Upon A Burning Body main man Danny Leal, The Weight of Silence are here to prove that #trapmetal isn’t a trend and neither are they. Continuing to prove their unique approach to a fresh genre, The Weight of Silence are all about that “Gucci & Gold” on their latest single, they’ve blended Metalcore and hardcore with that Nü-Metal attitude. Their most upcoming music video for “Runnin’ Through The 666” will be premiered on September 18th through New Noise Magazine; it showcases the bands live energy and flare for the dramatic which can be heard in all of their music. It’s undeniably an unconventional and often outlandish, but The Weight Of Silence’s roots in hardcore are evident in their music and in their dedication to their fans.