Linkin Park’s Legacy of Artistic Ambition

In the wake of the tragic passing of lead singer Chester Bennington, fans around the world are coming together to celebrate the incredible legacy of Linkin Park. The impact of their music on the hearts of millions of listeners, as well as their massive influence on fellow bands, is absolutely undeniable. Much of the conversation surrounding the band’s legacy will deservedly focus on their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora, which redefined rap-rock music for a new generation of listeners, bringing a fresh spin to a subgenre which had grown stale and tired before their arrival. However, any serious evaluation of Linkin Park’s career cannot ignore the significance of what happened after those two albums, and how every release since that point only added to the band’s stature as artists.

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Christina Grimmie’s Album “Invisible” Set to Release This Friday

Passing away last year, Christina Grimmie was an inspiration to all. She started off on YouTube doing covers and made it all the way to worldwide success. When a talent is taken from the world it is such a tragedy. A beautiful voice that can speak for many is something of a blessing. But in the darkness there is light and we have some good news to bring fans of Grimmie.

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R.I.P Captivator Farewell Show


On November 6, 2015, one of Tampa, FL’s well known local bands will be strumming their last chord. Captivator has been a band in the local music scene for over 4 years now and due to recent decisions, they are now shifting in a different direction. This is sad news to many who have grown up in the Tampa music scene because they have been around for so long and have impacted the lives of many. They have announced that they will have a new project under a new name shortly following this final show, but if you have heard of these guys (or even if you haven’t) November 6th will not be a night to miss. If you are interested in attending this event the link to the Lights Out event is below. Thank you so much, Captivator, for all of your music and helping build up the local scene. Your music will be missed and know that you have impacted the lives of many people.


Link for event here!