Interview: Scarlet Dress

Scarlet Dress is a progressive metalcore outfit with its members hailing from Mumbai, India and Albuquerque, United States. In its true sense, Scarlet Dress really is a form of expression through heavy music in the new age of internet collaboration. With music that is fueled by ambient melodies, heavy breakdowns and intricate guitar riffage, Scarlet Dress’ emotional hooks and hard hitting breakdowns appeal to an audience sitting at the borderline of Prog and metalcore. Scarlet Dress is for listeners who appreciate layered atmospheres but at the same time desire catchy melodies. Set to unleash their debut album “Endless upon the world February 28th, Scarlet Dress is ready to come out swinging in the scene. Packed with 9 tracks of extremely solid metalcore, the album also features guest vocals by Jordan Chase (Shreddy Krueger) on “Withdrawn” and Josh Ford (The Luminary) on “Empty Breathing”, and Alan Rigdon (Ex ERRA) performs a guest solo section on instrumental “Evade”. Recently, I had the chance to talk with Sushant Vohra, who currently happens to write and compose all the instrumentals for the band. The interview, which you can read below, covers multiple topics including how difficult it has been being in different countries, where the band name originated, albums Sushant is looking forward to, and so much more.

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Intronaut gets shafted by shady promoter: “It’s not okay to steal from musicians, and I think… we should apply the no mercy rule to anyone who does”

Being in a band is hard. Existing in a touring band? Even harder. Being a touring band in a genre that hardly sells albums anymore? Yeah, that’s nigh impossible, unless you’re really creative and wise with your money. Even for a band like Intronaut, who’ve toured the world multiple times over, released multiple well-received albums, and toured alongside bands like Between the Buried and Me, sustaining a reliable income is a tough card.

The band, who earlier this year performed in India for the first time since 2009, recently issued a stern statement as they were reportedly shafted out of their performance fees by a, well, very unscrupulous promoter. You know it’s bad when a band publicly tags your company and advises others not to work with you. And Intronaut isn’t the only victim – plenty of other musicians are speaking up in the comments section.

The lesson? Don’t steal from musicians, you’re a very bad person if you do.

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