Fit For A King examine life’s struggles on new song, “Locked (In My Head)”

Texas metalcore band Fit For A King are gearing up for what might be the biggest album of their career to date this September. 2018’s Dark Skies locked the band’s brand of catchy metalcore into huge support tour slots, and while the coronavirus cut that album cycle short a little, the band is making the best of things. Namely, with the newly-released third single off their upcoming album, “Locked (In My Head)”. Stream the new song below.

“While Locked may seem a little out of place on an album centered around victory and overcoming life’s challenges, it’s a song about understanding that all the mental things we fight through can only be defeated by our own will and perseverance,” front man Ryan Kirby shares. “Along the road, we will get help, whether from God or others, but at the end of it all, it’s a war that YOU must fight, and YOU must win.”

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Crystal Lake vocalist Ryo Kinoshita joins Fit For A King on explosive new single, “God Of Fire”

After announcing it earlier this week, Fit For A King have dropped a high-voltage new single today off their upcoming full-length. “God of Fire” features Crystal Lake frontman Ryo Kinoshita, and it’s a direct attack on religious leaders who use fear as a weapon.

“‘God of Fire’ is a song about religious leaders who instead preach a message of love, use the fear of hell and condemnation to advance their own personal morality or translations of scripture,” shares frontman Ryan Kirby on the message behind today’s release. “They essentially turn a God of love and mercy, into a God of fire.”

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Fit For A King to release new album ‘The Path’ this September

Texas metalcore band Fit For A King are on a constant path upward, with each record they release seemingly catapulting them to higher success. The band has now announced that their sixth album The Path will be released via Solid State Records on September 18, 2020. Bigger, bolder and overwhelmingly epic in scope, The Path leans harder on the “metal” side of their sound, with shredding guitar solos, while doubling down on the massive catchy choruses that propelled their fiercest fan-favorite anthems.

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Fit For A King deliver explosive new single, “Breaking The Mirror”

While it’s not the new song the band debuted live on the Dark Skies tour last weekend, Fit For A King have released an explosive new song in the form of “Breaking The Mirror”. The new song arrives as the band is currently headlining their own Dark Skies world tour, and thankfully for FFAK and heavy music fans, that tour is still going on as scheduled despite the coronavirus quarantine. Stream the new track below.

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