Watch members of Fit For A King and Phinehas cover Killswitch Engage’s “My Curse”

Fit For A King and Phinehas are two bands that are unafraid to wave the flag of American Metalcore. I mean seriously, Fit For A King emblazon the genre on some of their merch! Both bands have put out forward-thinking and interesting releases, especially Dark Skies and thegodmachine.

Anyhow, FFAK vocalist Ryan Kirby and Phinehas guitarist Daniel Gailey now have a channel dedicated to their covers of their favorite rock and metal songs, and they’re getting community involvement, too. Their new cover of Killswitch Engage’s classic, “My Curse”, is a pretty spot-on take of the original, and stylishly executed as well. The duo will be offering up 2 covers every month – and 3 for Patreon supporters – making this a worthwhile use of your funds, should you choose to financially support.

Ryan and Daniel have a Patreon account, where you can also vote in their monthly cover poll, get an mp3 of said cover for yourself, and much more.

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Texas metalcore band Fit For A King record highest first-week sales of their career with “Dark Skies”

As other bands in the genre have done over the years, whether it’s increased in stature (Bullet For My Valentine) or broken up completely, metalcore is an admittedly oversaturated genre of music that nonetheless has plenty of bands to carry the torch for it – those that are younger and hungry. Architects, Bury Tomorrow, and especially Texans Fit For A King have been in the game a long time, but still are managing to maintain their momentum with both quality music as well as compelling.

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Watch Fit For A King perform heavy NEW song, “Shattered Glass”

4 full-lengths into their illustrious career, Texas metalcore band Fit For A King continue to widen their audience and garner a bigger fanbase seemingly by the day. This is, of course, a band who worked their way up from a local band to headlining their own sold-out tours in a short period of time. Combine that strong work ethic with an accessible, heavy metalcore sound, and you have a recipe for success.

By the sound of their new song, “Shattered Glass”, it appears Fit For A King are going to continue their streak of improving on every album. The evolution from their debut album Descendants to their 2016 album Deathgrip has been an effective one, and the band just performed a new song 2 nights ago while on tour supporting Born Of Osiris. The song, titled “Shattered Glass”, was filmed live for your viewing pleasure. Give it a watch below!

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