Starset vocalist Dustin Bates joins Breaking Benjamin during live performance of “Breath” – watch

Though their upcoming summer tour dates are certainly in question with the coronavirus pandemic spreading seemingly by the day, Breaking Benjamin’s recent tour with Korn was a huge success. Sporting massive crowds night in and night out, the tour was one of the biggest rock events of 2020 early on.

However, a solid lineup wasn’t the only thing that was notable about the sold-out tour. Similarly-styled Starset, who recently released their 3rd album Divisions last year to solid reviews, are based out of Columbus, Ohio – so Starset’s acclaimed vocalist Dustin Bates joined the band on stage to perform “Breath”. To nobody’s surprise, the crowd absolutely loved it, and we think you will too. Give the 2006 Phobia hit a watch below. While the band toured together previously years ago, we also think it would be a great idea if it happened again.