October 20, 2021

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It’s always red, and Silent Planet’s van is dead – but at least their exclusive merch drop is awesome

Just last month, acclaimed metalcore band Silent Planet capped their first era as a band with a song fittingly titled “Trilogy”. A harrowing song that detailed vocalist Garrett Russell’s time in therapy late in 2019. An auditory journey through mental health and struggles with anxiety, the dark and electronic undercurrent found on “Trilogy” makes the song one of the best the band has written to date.

Unfortunately, on their current tour with Currents, Invent Animate, and Greyhaven, the band’s tour van died. While they were able to get back on the road, this obviously leaves bands at their level in a financial rut that can be difficult to combat. Luckily, the band’s sense of humor and marketing skills came together to create limited apparel, in the form of exclusive, limited-time t-shirts that also reference “Trilogy”.

As bands and musicians continue to battle the financial fallout of the coronavirus, there’s no better time to pick up band merch – so why not make it a purchase from one of the most interesting metalcore bands around?

We’re also going to note that the designer who created this merch, Rui Carneiro, has also designed awesome merch for other bands like Outline In Color – so picking up something also benefits the creators, too.

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