Revisited: Corrosion Of Conformity’s 1991 metal classic, “Blind”

While having a wildly varying lineup over the years, metal mainstays Corrosion Of Conformity have never lost sight of who they are. While their best material was released in the 90’s with Wiseblood and Deliverance, it’s important not to forget just how great of a record 1991’s Blind was, as well. It’s arguably their best metal-centric album, if not their best overall record, period.

It’s hard to pigeonhole Corrosion of Conformity into any genre of rock or metal, really. Throughout their 25+ year history, CoC has grown from a punk/hardcore band (in the 80’s) until they were dropped from their record label following 1987’s album, Technocracy. Their growth continued with albums like Wiseblood and America’s Volume Dealer. But this album, Blind, is a different beast than anything before or after.

Known for their work ethic and scathing political lyrics, CoC combined those aspects of their sound, and combined them with a more metal-influenced direction, which is especially evident in songs like “White Noise” and “Dance Of The Dead”. The entire album is all about non-stop aggression, and really, it’s their Southern roots that start to become more evident here (more so on Deliverance) and many of the choruses will stick in your head, like the ones heard on “Vote With A Bullet”.

Lyrics are a huge plus here. Most of the songs here have something to offer lyrically, with common political themes that people can relate to. Obviously, this is one of the things that sets them apart from most bands of their time.

Honestly, this album doesn’t have a skippable track on it. It’s just as hard to pick the best song on here, or even a favorite. If I had to pick a favorite on here, it would be “White Noise” with its intro very, very similar to Pantera’s “Domination” and its oddly melodic chorus, something that seems out of place on a metal record of the time-but it works well here. Criminally overlooked (mainly because of the “Big Four” of thrash who dominated the time period) “Blind” is right up there with the best of them, though it’s not a pure metal record. However, if you’re going to select a “Best Metal Album of 1991” award, you have to put Corrosion of Conformity in the discussion. It’s just that good.