Record Release Friday: Listen to new music from Boston Manor, Counterparts, Skyharbor, and more

New Music Friday is a weekly post that highlights the best new music of the week. This week’s edition features both well-known and under the radar bands we think deserve a spin (or three), so give them all a listen. Whether you like pop-punk, progressive metal, indie rock, or anything in between, we think there’s plenty to sink your teeth into here. Especially that new Boston Manor record – a real stunner. Oh, and we’re including some exceptional new singles, too.

The Midnight (“Arcade Dreams”, single)

Everyone’s favorite synthwave artist The Midnight has a new single, “Arcade Dreams”. Their new album, Kids, releases September 21st.

Counterparts (Private Room, EP)

3 new songs for melodic hardcore band Counterparts, Private Room is a stopgap release in which said tracks were culled from the band’s two previous records. They certainly don’t sound like B-sides, though.

The Faim (Summer Is A Curse, EP)

The Faim’s debut EP is a solid pop-rock affair that’s made for arenas. Seriously, this band is going to be huge.

Skyharbor (Sunshine Dust, LP)

Skyharbor’s first album with new vocalist Eric Emery sees the progressive metal band changing up their formula a bit – while much of the record continues on where 2014’s Guiding Lights left off, there’s traces of alternative metal thrown in as well on songs like “Dissent”.

Napoleon (“Ignite”, single)

“Ignite” is the first new Napoleon song since 2016’s Newborn Mind. Some seriously impressive guitar here, too.

Lowborn (“Lacuna”, single)

With a string of increasingly popular singles in 2018, self-styled “emo pop” band Lowborn have released another catchy tune in “Lacuna”.

Boston Manor (Welcome To The Neighbourhood, LP)

You need only read our review here to find out why Boston Manor just released a jaw-dropping follow-up to debut full-length, Be Nothing.

Clutch (Book Of Bad Decisions, LP)

Clutch have been pumping out inspired and infectious heavy rock tunes since the early 90’s. Book Of Bad Decisions is no exception to the band’s string of quality releases, as it’s yet another volume of riffs, riffs, and lots of the immortal Neil Fallon behind the microphone.

After Touch (You Wish This Was About You, EP)

After Touch are one of the more promising bands to come out of Australia in quite some time. Their new EP, though a short 5 tracks, is an engaging piece of alt-rock/alt-metal that’s difficult to quantify just where they fit in. And that’s probably for the best – their songwriting is shockingly well developed for a band with just a handful of songs to their name.