Wrestling Review : All In

All In is the wrestling event of the decade possibly. A self funded 10,000+ sold out indy show ran by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks with stars from Ring Of Honor, New Japan, Impact, and the indies. Does it crack under the immense pressure or is this the show that will change the landscape of wrestling.



Pre Show :

The Briscoes vs. Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky : The crowd was so red hot and ready for wrestling almost any match would be a great pop off. This was a good one to do it though. Both teams looked strong and had some good offense. Dem Boys losing out of no where gave it a good twist as well. 3/5


Over Budget Battle Royal: This was a over the top rope battle royal that UP TO 30 people could of been in. A few surprises came out in it such as Tommy Dreamer and  Bubba Ray. For being a battle royal it sure had a lot of spots outside the ring. This was one of the best battle royals in a long time though. Everyone knew their strengths and played to them. The end twist with Flip Gordan made a great match turn into a even better one with a plot twist that has been a year in the making. 4/5


Main Show :


Matt Cross vs. MJF: Added as a last minute match this just felt without purpose. Cross is a legend in the ring and had so much more to show here than he was given. 1.5/5


Christopher Daniels vs. Stephen Amell: For Amell who has only had 2 other matches he exceeding expectations. Sure Amell could take a kick or punch better and he had some botches here and there but with the help of Daniels he gave it his all. Big props to him as well for a coast to coast and table spot. 3/5


Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne vs. Chelsea Green vs. Britt Baker: This is a match that on paper sounded great but could of been much better. All 4 are stars, just at different levels. Tessa is already top tier in the womens division of female stars. Baker and Green, while still being good in ring, looked very fresh next to Tessa. Rayne had some good spots as well but felt like the left out part of the match. They did keep the crowd going and into the match which sadly is still the biggest challenge for female matches.  3/5


NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Champion Nick Aldis vs. Cody Rhodes: The match with a story line that will go down in history. With the NWA back with support of Billy Corgan the announcement was made at the All In Press Conference months back that the classic 10 pounds of gold would be put up at All In. With the belts historic past including being held by Dusty Rhodes this match meant everything to Cody. Both men gave it their all here and Nick Aldis came out looking like a bigger star than ever. Brandi Rhodes even managed to get involved in a spot here. The match had a very old school feel to it and even with the poor blade job by Rhodes still managed to feel great. 4/5


Chicago Street Fight: Adam Page vs. Joey Janela: Holy hell what a match. This puts Janela and Penelope Ford on a new level and shows just how versatile Page is. This was a brutal match that went all over the place. With some brutal bumps involving tables, ladders, and a barrel courtesy of Cracker Barrel. Penelope Fords spots in the match were by far so far out there compared to how the other women that night wrestled and were a complete surprise. 4.5/5


The end surprise with the return of Joey Ryan was a great comical moment and continued the trend of build ups they’ve had in the making from Breaking The Elite.


ROH Title Match: Champion Jay Lethal vs. Flip Gordon: This was
Flips shot after everything. It was a good match with Jay reverting back to his Black Machismo character for Breaking The Elite. It really showed Flips potential while making sure Jay looked good. The ending bit with Flip hulking up was a good nod and continued this matches trend of making sure to play heavily to the crowd. 3.5/5


Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon: To call this anything but a dream match would be a lie. It also one of the main match of the night that you honestly felt like it could go either way. Pentagon and Omega both gave it their all in a hell of a brawl. From the hard hits and drops that sometimes questioned how they were even getting back up this was a match that will go down in the books for ages. 4.75/5

The post match assault with surprise guest Chris Jericho was a huge pop and shock to all. Even if it was just to promote his cruise, it was still a huge moment.


Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll: A match that went way too long for what it was. Too much downtime hurt the bigger moments this match had. There were too many instances of building up to drop back down. Even in defeat Marty looked good still. 3.5/5


Rey Mysterio, Bandido, and Fenix vs. The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi:  Because the previous match went too long this was cut down drastically it seemed. Even with it being rushed, botched, and some moments where they clearly were directing each other it was a great spot fest. Bandido really got the spotlight here with how great he is. Kota and Fenix both showed why they are some of the biggest names in the non WWE world right now. Mysterio here was awesome to see but he felt like the back burner in this match sadly. 4/5


Score : 8/10

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