Norma Jean details Will Putney-produced upcoming 8th full-length, “All Hail”

Norma Jean. (Photo Credit: Trinity Music)

It’s not every day that a band creates their best music later into their career, let alone 7 albums into it. Of course, few bands have weathered storms quite like metalcore veterans Norma Jean, who famously don’t have any original members left in the band. Their last two records, Wrongdoers and 2016’s Polar Similar, contained some of the most monolithic riffs of their career to date, and Norma Jean look to continue to streak on their 8th full-length album, All Hail.

The record, which drops October 25th, is surely a highly anticipated one for metal fans. Given his work in the impressive Hundred Suns side project, vocalist Cory Brendan looks to step up his game again as one of metal’s more interesting frontmen. Needless to say, we’re here for it.