Issues Official Tour Setlist Announced

As was recently announced, Issues is going to be on tour with Falling In Reverse, Motionless In White, DangerKids, and Dead Girls Academy. This all commences tomorrow; although vocalist Tyler Carter has jumped the gun and posted their official tour setlist via Twitter. The theme and overall appearance is quite entertaining. Let’s take a look into their treasure chest of surprises.

We’re not sure why Carter blasted out the setlist but I’m sure excited to get a sneak peak into what’s to come. As seen from the photo above, the list is definitely killer. You don’t want to miss out on these guys; they’re doing great things thus far. What makes me the happiest is seeing some of the oldies like ‘Hooligans’, ‘Never Lose Your Flames’, and ‘Mad At Myself’. Can we take a second to appreciate the complete appearance and structure? A pirate theme with traditional skulls and burned edges, how unique. I’m thinking that their Pokemon stage presence has changed. Anyway! Now that you know every song in between, bring your voices and have a great time.

ALSO, catch this sick line of band merchandise on ‘The End Is Here Tour’.