September 25, 2023

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Stream the vicious new Code Orange album, “Forever”

To call Code Orange’s 3rd full-length album Forever an assault on the senses would be putting it mildly. It’s both an album of explosive heaviness (“Kill The Creator”) and surprising calmness (“Bleeding In The Blur”). It’s the tracks influenced by 90’s hardcore and metalcore, however, that have the band at their best. There’s plenty of Godflesh/Nine Inch Nails influence in the album’s 34 minute run time (see: “Real”), and clearly the aforementioned band’s Streetcleaner and Broken EP albums are influential – but so too are bands like Earth Crisis, Eighteen Visions, and the perennially underrated Disembodied.

Listen for yourself below. It’s rather early to tell, but Forever could be an album that reinvents the landscape of heavy music. Either way, Forever is an album to get your ears on, pronto.

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