Interview: GHØSTKID (ex-Eskimo Callboy) on instant success, fulfilling his vision

Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler, known to the music world as GHØSTKID, is our latest interviewee! The new act, which hearkens to a sound similar to Bring Me The Horizon’s That’s The Spirit and Motionless in White’s Disguise, is a riveting success from the get-go, as he’s already signed to Century Media Records and amassed hundreds of thousands of streams a song in just a few months. Let’s find out more about the new project as we talk to Sushi!

New Fury Media: You’re only a few songs in this year and you’ve already amassed more than a million plays! How does this newfound success treat you?

Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler/GHØSTKID: I didn’t even realize that! This time, I did things on my own and now it’s like a whole new experience. It’s a great feeling!

New Fury: There’s a clear aesthetic with your appearance and the crossed zero’s. What goes into the mindset of GHØSTKID to develop this?

GHØSTKID: It depends on the song! For me, it’s important to have a visual that fits the music. Imagine you’re watching a movie trailer without the pictures. Having that visual representation is vital. For songwriting, I just took what went through my head and tried to make it a reality!

New Fury: You’re formerly from Eskimo Callboy and you’re working with members of To The Rats and Wolves. How does it feel to have a small supergroup for GHØSTKID?

GHØSTKID: I thought about who I wanted to have in my band so I decided it all on my own. Having people who feel the same as I do and share my vision was important. The bass player I’ve known for 15 years, I met drummer Steve on an Eskimo Callboy tour way back. I’ve known these guys for a long time! I’m still formulating these things about the group and it’s working out well so far!

New Fury: What are your dream bands to tour with when it becomes safe?

GHØSTKID: The Fever 333! I would LOVE to see them live. Jason is a big inspiration. That’s totally a supergroup, just 3 crazy guys playing crazy music together!

Thanks to Sushi/GHØSTKID for taking the time to talk to us and Atom Splitter PR for setting this up! GHØSTKID is set to release his debut EP on November 13th via Century Media Records. Based on what we’ve heard so far, it’s going to be a super exciting release!