In The Spotlight: South Carolina shoegaze band Pure Ghost release new EP, “There Is No Heaven Left In Me”

Four tracks of modern shoegazey dream pop is what South Carolina newcomers Pure Ghost offer up on their brand new EP There Is No Heaven Left In Me, and it’s all kinds of impressive. Sounding like a much more seasoned outfit than their newcomer status would imply, these 4 tracks are essentially walls of noise with a dream pop sheen, which is executed in a way that’s as great as it sounds.

It can’t be overstated how great the production is on this record. Again, Pure Ghost does not sound like a brand new band – the drums are crisp, the vocals are remarkably great, and the walls of shimmering guitar are notable. Take album highlight “Violet Rot”, for instance. It roars along like an Amusement Parks On Fire track from 2010, and provides an interesting counterpoint to the band’s slower material, which is no less effective.

While a short 4 tracks long, Pure Ghost do a great job of not overstaying their welcome – though when the music is this well crafted, it keeps you wanting more. It’ll be interesting to see where this band goes next – while comparisons to early Whirr, Nothing, and newer Hundredth are key starting points, Pure Ghost are carving out a name for themselves as well. Missing out would be a mistake.