Game Review: Immortal Redneck

As a rogue lite FPS set in Egypt, Immortal Redneck gives gamers a fun take on the rough lite genre but still has some flaws set in it that holds it back some.

The premise of the game is rather simple, enter the pyramid and go room to room killing enemies, collecting gold, getting new powers and weapons and going up in floors. Each floor gives tougher enemies but better rewards.

Once dead you take the gold you collected to buy new upgrades or raise your stats and whatever left over gold you have is lost once you re-enter the pyramid.

Each run will mean you enter stronger and better than before. You can also unlock new characters that start with a different power and a different set of weapons.

The game play is similar to a Serious Sam / Unreal Tournament style where you must always be moving around and jumping while shooting to avoid being hit. Most weapons offer no zoom (the snipers zoom is almost unusable in this game). It feels like a old shooter mechanic here but it works quite well.

Visually the game has a brighter more cartoonish look to it. Sadly the sound and feel of it though doesn’t match as the sound track becomes mundane rather quickly and guns feel and sound much weaker than they sound.

One complaint I did find is that in your search for the next floor it would sometimes become easy getting lost and missing your door resulting in pointless time wandering around. Also for being randomly generated you do start to feel that fact that the rooms themselves never change but instead just get tossed in different orders and you notice playing the same rooms each time.

In the end Immortal Redneck has its faults but the simplistic game play here still manages to be fun. Its a time waster that will keep you coming back just wanting to get that next upgrade you need.