Deathcore band S/CK release animated music video for their new song “Plague”

2020 has been absolutely wild for humanity, but the music release keep coming and we welcome them with open arms. S/CK is a up and coming slamming deathcore band that surfaced in late 2019 with their song “Point of Impact” which was met with pretty good reception. S/CK has geared up to released their new song Plague with quite a visually pleasing music video. The video is a fully animated music video telling the story of the song, which is a straight up apocalyptic hellscape. Plague is a lyrically partly inspired by the popular anime Tokyo Ghoul, and according to the band was written before Covid-19 was even a thing. The video was created by Motus Insaniam and with much appraise. S/CK is currently wrapping up their debut album “Transcendence Through Suffering” which is slated for a 2020 release via Legend Recordings. Give the new video a spin below.