Tribute album for Suicide Silence’s “The Cleansing” gets final vocalist announcement

Originally announced in April, Matt Andrews has set up a tribute album in honor of Suicide Silence’s influential debut full-length, covering the entirety of The Cleansing. Today, we learn the extent of the vocalists featured – and it’s a laundry list of some of the best ones in heavy music today.

Tracklist for The Cleansing Tribute Album

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Year Of The Knife announce Kurt Ballou-produced debut album, stream new song, “Virtual Narcotic”

Having already toured with the likes of Knocked Loose and Harms Way, hardcore upstarts Year Of The Knife have announced their upcoming debut full-length, Internal Incarceration, drops August 7th via Pure Noise Records. The Delaware-based band excels at crafting unrelentingly heavy, metal-influenced hardcore with deeply human and socially-conscious lyrics, and Internal Incarceration takes these strengths to new heights. Recorded by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Code Orange, Nails), the album sounds as raw and visceral as the subjects of its songs, which often find vocalist Tyler Mullen working through the challenges of loss, grief, and addiction with compassion to match the furor of the music. The album’s first single “Virtual Narcotic” captures so much of what makes Year Of The Knife impossible to ignore. Opening with a vicious metallic riff, the song launches into a blistering lament of modern over-reliance on social media that culminates in an undeniably crushing breakdown. The band also shared a second song from Internal Incarceration, “Sick Statistic” a new version of a previously released compilation track that takes an empathetic view of the opioid crisis in America.

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Twitch makes troubling music copyright changes, labels respond

Twitch has announced some pretty rough new guidelines to playing music within streams, severely-restricting content creators from using any music that they don’t own. Essentially, if you didn’t make it yourself, your stream is at risk of getting taken down.

While this will severely hinder future streams across the board, there is good news in the response of some of our favorite labels. In a Twitter thread that posed the question to several labels, Pure Noise Records, Rise Records, UNFD, and Fearless Records stated that they have no issue if a streamer uses music from their label.

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For The Well Runs Red, defying easy musical categorization is a way of life

The Well Runs Red defies easy categorization. Drawing from an array of influences like hip-hop, industrial, glitch, metal, and Soundcloud rap, it’s hard to put anything TWRR creates into a particular box. Aggressive yet introspective, The Well Runs Red’s music is confrontational and intriguing. One listen to his new single, “Infiltrate”, and you’ll get some of the vibe TWRR is going for here.

While a solid starting point might well (hah!) be Ghostemane, there’s plenty of nods to countercultural icon Marilyn Manson as well as Chris Motionless in Red’s voice, too. Perhaps it’s just easier to let Red describe himself – so read our Q&A with the intriguing new artist below.

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