2014 Playlist: Derrik Schiersing (Lost Like Lions)


2014 Playlist is a segment where we bring in your favorite musicians to discuss their favorite albums of the year. First up is Derrik Schiersing (guitar/vocals) of Lost Like Lions, who hails from Buffalo, NY. If you’re a fan of Jimmy Eat World, you’re probably going to enjoy these guys quite a bit. Check out Derrik’s choices after the jump!

In a year where there has been so much great music released, it was pretty difficult to narrow it down. I’ve realized that making this list in early December a lot of these albums I dug throughout 2014 make for great winter albums. I hope you enjoy some of these albums/songs as much as I have. I made a spotify playlist for anyone wanting to check out any of these artists they may have been sleeping on, you can check that out here– http://open.spotify.com/user/1213080837/playlist/5nWLwBxw39TwEZt3BP52Z6

10- Number One Gun “This Is All We Know”

9- Porter Robinson “Worlds”

8- The Sun & The Sea “American Empire”

7- Magic Man “Before The Waves”

6- Ryan Adams “Ryan Adams”

There really isn’t much for me to say about this guy except for if you haven’t given him a listen yet, get to it. He is one of the better songwriters of our generation. This album slipped past me to the point where I didn’t even know it was released. Christmas came early when I found out about its release.

5- The Seams “The Seams Forever”

For many years my friend, and one of my idols growing up, Jon Lullo rocked the stage in a band called Down To Earth Approach. When that band sadly broke up, he started putting out new music with fellow DTEA member Dan Sheppard under the name “The Seams”. Every few years my ears get a pleasant surprise. This happened to be the case when they released “The Seams Forever”, a 5 track ep filled with some of the best music Lullo has ever written, along with my personal favorite “Forever”.

4- Copeland “Ixora”


When I first heard Copeland was reuniting and releasing a new album I couldn’t have been more excited. Then I started hearing the teasers the band started releasing, and the song released up till the album release. All I have to say is welcome back Copeland. It’s cool seeing new people get into Copeland after the lengthy hiatus. “Ixora” is a beautiful album that you really need to get into!

3- In The Valley Below “The Belt”

One of my favorite up and coming bands, hands down. “The Belt” is an incredible first official album.

2- Matthew Ryan “Boxers”

Matthew Ryan has long been one of my favorite singers/songwriters and his latest album “Boxers” did not disappoint. If you have yet to ever give him a listen, do yourself a favor and do so. He is criminally underrated and appeals to a wide range of listeners. This is a perfect winter album.

1- Empires “Orphan”


Empires is one of those bands who I have known had existed for years now, but never really gave them the proper chance. Upon hearing the title track “Orphans” I found myself anxiously excited for the album release. I wasn’t disappointed one bit, and am anxiously awaiting the bands next release to hear where exactly they go from here. The closing track “Journey Kid” will probably end up being my favorite track of the year. They are a unique blend of rock, and not fabricated one bit.

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