December 2, 2023

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Populist Grindcore: SxCx’s Leprosy At Conception


If one were to think of a subgenre of metal music that seemed immune from antiquity, surely, Grindcore would be high on the list. Through it’s sheer aggression, speed, and raw intensity – coupled with lyrics ranging over numerous controversial subject matters – Grindcore has always seemed, if not fresh, at least jarring, able to slap listeners into attention without sounding dated or tedious. Grindcore’s pitfall, however, seems to have been a lack of variance – listeners seem to have become desensitized, and while many still enjoy the music, it doesn’t shock like it used to.

The years roll by and as 2015 draws ever nearer, Grindcore acts appear to be a dime a dozen. What’s saving this mighty subgenre from irrelevance, if anything?

In the case of Pennsylvania’s SxCx, it’s most certainly a populist aspect, a sort of x-factor-type charm that’s hard to place and difficult to describe. Where poor production and raw, noisy sound might make other acts sound purely unprofessional and difficult to listen to, they make SxCx, and their debut full-length Leprosy At Conception, sound intensely personal, and somehow, effectively immersive. And while the fact that the band obviously does not take itself too seriously is a plus, the one drawback to be found is the type of humor that is utilized. Being controversial for the sake of it was extremely effective once, but now it has more than played out its potency. This is offered as a heartfelt criticism for a Grindcore band that ranks high in potential, and of all things, can make a listener feel pleasantly at home and nostalgic about a once great genre. This listener will definitely be following these guys, and listening out for their future work.

-Andrew Oliver

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